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Creative/Media Intern

We are looking for a digitally literate individual to join us to help expand our online presence. We are a fast-growing startup with ethically conscious values, in the process of broadening our public reach through an insightful blog and key social media platforms.

What We're Looking For

We're looking for a savvy social media or web user tuned-in to what makes for engaging content. Whether you dream of being an influencer, you've made some cool content before, or you simply enjoy writing and creating aesthetically pleasing posts, we'd like to hear from you. This role is perfect for a full-time student looking to get some work experience on the side. It's equally suited to individuals looking to develop a career in PR, communications, digital strategy, social media, advertising, or the creative industries more generally.

We'd like to create Oxbridge and UK-related content for our international audience. Many of our potential clients come from abroad, so we'd like to get them excited about coming to study in the UK. We have plenty of our own ideas, but you'll also be generating your own. This position has a strong educational element, meaning that much of the time you'll be learning new skills and developing your abilities under our guidance.

You'll be closely engaged with senior management from day one, contributing to our existing efforts to brainstorm strategy for the coming week and how to bring people into our website. We're a fully digital company, so you'll be contributing directly to our client base - and if you're successful enough, we will reward you at our discretion with a permanent position.

It would be great if you were

  • Highly digitally literate

  • Able to interact with a wide social media audience in a friendly but professional manner

  • Able to create attractive graphics for posts

  • Good at taking appealing photos

  • Have an eye for aesthetics and an obsession with getting things "just right"

  • A keen writer

  • Able to communicate information and insights in an engaging way

  • Past experience in graphic design, writing, influencing or PR is helpful but not essential

Responsibilities include

  • Brainstorming and writing posts on a wide variety of topics, especially Oxbridge life, current affairs and British culture

  • Creating post graphics

  • Sourcing attractive and post-relevant photos

  • Generating a following through strategic engagement with other social media users

Working arrangements

  • Fully remote with the option to be in-person in North East London

  • Flexible schedule, minimum commitment 2-10 hours per week

  • 3 to 6 month duration, depending on performance

  • Can be formatted as a summer internship

  • Regular educational training and guidance on content writing and social media aesthetics

  • Option to convert to a permanent role at our discretion, if you're highly successful

Why You Should Work For Us

  • Informal, relaxed environment

  • Highly flexible hours

  • Can easily fit around full-time work or study

  • Great experience for early career building or for career transitioning

  • Option to be fully remote, so you can plan your day just how you want

  • This is a self-led and entrepreneurial role, so you won't just be taking orders

How to Apply

To apply, please get in touch with us via Send over your CV and a one-page cover letter, explaining why you're right for the role and how you could benefit from it, and we'll aim to get back to you within two weeks.

About Us

We are an elite boutique tutoring company founded with the intention of shaking up a tired and stale industry. Too many tutoring firms use the same techniques with every student, using a cookie-cutter approach to try and teach as many as possible. Oxbridge Fast Track is different. By restricting our volume of clients and the size of the firm, we provide the highest quality service possible to our students.

We are passionate about being a responsible business - and for us, that means giving back to both the planet and the community. We plant a tree for every student we take on, and donate 5% of our profits to charities that support those who struggle to access basic education. We also offer comprehensive scholarships for our programs to help increase the number of disadvantaged people at Oxbridge.

Job Code: C0042